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All invoices are nett, including VAT charged at the appropriate rate. Credit is granted in accordance with any restrictions placed upon this account. Credit may be stopped if the account exceeds the agreed credit limit, or falls into arrears and further action may be taken at the discretion of LIBRIUM Games Ltd. You understand that LIBRIUM Games Ltd may contact the references provided for further information and that the account may not be opened until satisfactory references are received. You understand that LIBRIUM Games Ltd will exercise their statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery under the late payment legislation if they are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

TERMS and CONDITIONS of supply:

1. The Customer is obligated to pay the purchase price of delivered Goods by a bank transfer crediting the relevant amount to the LIBRIUM Games Ltd account number specified on the tax document (invoice).

2. In the case of a bank transfer, the purchase price shall be regarded as paid in full when the relevant amount is credited to the LIBRIUM Games Ltd account number specified on the tax document (invoice). A document demonstrating a cash payment is a payment receipt issued by the Customer and confirmed by LIBRIUM Games Ltd, or a cash receipt issued by LIBRIUM Games Ltd.

3. The purchase price for Goods delivered by LIBRIUM Games Ltd to the Customer based on an order issued by the Customer is payable and due within 28 days following the Goods delivery, or before the payable and due date specified on the relevant tax document (invoice) issued by LIBRIUM Games Ltd, whichever of those two due dates occurs later.

4. The Customer must pay for all payable obligations that they hold towards LIBRIUM Games Ltd while observing the requirements specified in these General Business Terms and Conditions, unless the Customer and LIBRIUM Games Ltd agree in writing on different payment terms and conditions. Should the Customer be late with payment for the purchase price, or any part of it, the Customer will lose the option to receive any discount provided by LIBRIUM Games Ltd. At the same time, the Customer shall pay a contractual penalty in the amount of 5% of the due amount for each day of delay.

5. LIBRIUM Games Ltd reserves the right to request the Customer to pay for Goods in advance and in cash, provided that the Customer is in delay with payments payable to LIBRIUM Games Ltd, or if the Customer was repeatedly in delay with payments in the past. Should the Customer not accept this requirement, LIBRIUM Games Ltd has the right to deliver the ordered Goods after all outstanding debts payable and due to LIBRIUM Games Ltd are paid in full.


1. You will carefully examine all the goods and notify LIBRIUM Games Ltd in writing of any shortage/defect within 48 hours of the goods being delivered.


1. Goods supplied by LIBRIUM Games Ltd which are not defective and which conform to the contract of sale may not be returned without our written consent.

2. Where LIBRIUM Games Ltd agree to accept return of goods for credit, a 20% handling charge will be deducted from the amount of the credit together with our reasonable charges, if any, for delivering the goods to and/or collecting them from the return address.

3. Credit will be given for goods or materials returned to LIBRIUM Games Ltd if they are found to be defective or otherwise do not conform to the contract of sale.


1. Risk of damage to or loss of the goods will pass to you on delivery to you or collection by you.

2. Ownership of the goods will not pass to you until full payment for those goods or materials has been received by LIBRIUM Games Ltd.

3. Until ownership passes to you, you will hold the goods for LIBRIUM Games Ltd in safe keeping and adequately insured against all risks.